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Light beige tan Holdups in a variety of styles have longer 54" length straps for the big and tall man
Golden Sand Satin finished Double-Up style Holdups in XL length sell for $46.95



Black XL length Holdup suspenders in various styles from $24.95

Click here for the 11 All Black color XL Holdup suspenders for the Big & Tall man

 Links to our Style Choices

Most all styles come with choice of single or dual clip models

Casual Series in 12 Solid colors all are 1-1/2" wide
Solid colored Holdup suspenders in single clip models sell for 26.95 $26.95

Designer Series Tasteful Patterns
a dozen Tasteful patterns in a single clip on suspender from Holdup Suspenders sell for 32.95 $32.95
Designer patterns in a dual clip suspender suitable for office and casual wear sell for 43.95 $43.95

Corporate Series 1-1/2" satin finished in 9 solid colors
Choice of X or Y back suspenders with a nice satin finish in solid colors $32.95
Dual clips and a fine satin type weave set these dressy suspenders apart from the competition $43.95

Formal Series Narrow 1" wide in 9  satin finished colors
1 inch wide satin finished clip on formaty suspenders sell fro 32.95 $32.95
Fine satin finish with a white backing and top grade leather trim on these Formal Double-Up suspenders $43.95

Jacquard Series beautiful tone-on-tone solid color patterns
Matching colors are woven tone on tone into these stylish jacquard weave suspenders in 7 color choices $32.95
Dual clip jacquard weave suspenders in 7 tone on tone color patterns $43.95

All the dual clip Double-Up's Styles

Holdup Suspenders announces the new patented suspenders and Sloops jeans and slacks

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Thin Suspenders 3/4" wide in colors and patterns for Girls and UrbanTeens $16 to $25

Silk Suspenders Black or White in Double-Ups style $45

Classic Series basic colors with silver no-slip clips $21.95

Sports Patterns width 1-1/2" in 5 sports theme patterns $32.95

MotorCycle Suspenders and bootstrap stirrups

Hip-Clip Trucker Suspenders attaches at sides with just 2 clips.

Click to view Sloops jeans promo

Sloops Blue Jeans and Sloops Casual Slacks made specifically for suspender wearers in waist sizes to 50".

Airport Friendly Suspenders Won't trip off metal detectors and the SuperSoft UnderGarment Suspender made to wear under your shirt.

$13.95 HangUp™ Closet Hanger for Suspenders

Sheet Straps and mattress suspenders that really Holdup now on sale

Finally a sheet strap and mattress suspender that works for any type or size bed. Click for details and to purchase for $21.95

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Tan or beige clip-on suspenders for the Big & Tall man from Holdup Suspender Company. Suspender Products back with 1 year no-slip clip warranty

Learn all about the Holdup Suspender CompanyBrowse all the varieties of Holdup Suspenders for sale from this siteClick here to view over 2200 national retailers who sell our suspendersView your shoipping cart's contents and procees to checkoutView our new motorcycle, airport friendly, undergarment and skinny suspenders for teensContact the staff at Holdup Suspender Company Inc.

Navy Blue suspenders in over 5 seperate styles all with our patented no-slip clip text-top-center.jpg (1153 bytes) Buy Holdup mens pant suspenders here
text-left.jpg (373 bytes)

New extra long men's tan pant suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company in 10 style choices
New extra long men's TAN pant suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company in 10 style choices and price ranges are $3 more then regular length Holdups.

...Holdup Suspender Company knows our Tan suspender styles are top sellers ... year after year. The below XL (extra length) men's TAN suspenders in various widths all feature our patented no-slip clips with a limited time warranty.  These beige or light tan XL Holdups have our 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and sell for $3 more then standard length models. All have USA made elastic fabric adjustable straps in a variety of widths, in both single and dual no-slip clip models priced from $24.95 to $46.95. The wait is over for our taller and more rotund customers who are used to shopping the Big & Tall men's shops for their clothes and fashion accessories. Look over the details and click the photos for close-up views of these tan extra long Holdups and buy with confidence using our secure shopping cart. Free UPS and USPS feight on orders over $75 shipped to the lower USA State destinations..... 

light tan 2 inch wide tall or big man's heavy duty suspenders
$24.95 ea. for XL version of "Sun Tan" color Holdup  suspenders

Wider 2x4 Jumbo Clip Line Contractor Series suspenders are specifically designed for securely holding up a working mans pants. With everything imaginable hanging from your trousers it's hard to keep them up with just a ordinary belt. The 2" wide contractor suspender is specially designed with wider straps and our exclusive jumbo no-slip clip to assure your Always Up with maximum comfort. All materials are carefully chosen for elasticity, durability and come with a limited time clip guarantee that they'll never slip -slide or Pop Off regardless of the weight being held in place. These XL version contractor suspenders are 54" long with silver adjusters and clips.... $26.95

Big & Tall mens suspenders in sun tan color

JUMBO Clip in silver with X-back styling
Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$26.95
30 Day unconditional money back guarantee on this SUNTAN color suspender
These suspenders have a 54" XL length option

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Holdup's Casual Series- "SAND DUNES"  solid colored men's pant suspender braces featuring our patented- no slip clip. This style goes with all shirt colors and is great for office or casual wear when you need to make a conservative fashion statement!  XL version sells for $30.95

Sand Dunes color in a patented suspender by Holdup Suspender Co.
click to expand pictureclick to expand

Sand Dunes $30.95
Detail page for the Sand Dunes colored suspenders in the extra long verson for bigger men
These suspenders have a 54" XL length option

XL 54" long version in X-back style with Gold no-slip clips and length adjuster
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $30.95

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Holdup Quality at a low price set these tan basic suspenders apart. They feature 1-1/2" elastic straps, XL 54" longer straps for tall men, with silver plated clips and length adjuster. All are X-back style with logo leather crosspatch. Made of the finest materials ..all backed by a guarantee to never slip -slide or fly off your pants... $24.95 ea.

These suspenders have a 54" XL length option

BASIC TAN 1 1/2" wide XL longer suspender with classic X-back style and silver no-slip clips
 Qty: $24.95

Holdup's 1 1/2" wide Corporate Series-in a satin finished "GOLDEN SAND" solid colored men's suspenders featuring our patented- no slip suspender clip. This style is great for office or casual wear when you need to make a conservative business fashion statement! The XL version of this satin finished light tan suspender is 54" long to fit the taller stockier guy. Price $32.95 ea.

Satin sheen on this light tan suspender in XL length and 1 1/2" width

Single Finger clip style in XL
(x-back with Gold clips)

Golden Sand satin finished 1 1/2" wide suspender in 54" XL big and tall length in the Holdup Corporate series
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $32.95
These suspenders have a 54" XL length option

How about a narrower 1" style in the XL length shown below? Holdups Formal Wear Series- "CHAMPAGNE" light tan suspenders featuring our patented- no slip clip in new 1" width. The image above really doesn't do justice to the SATIN finished colors of these businessman's suspenders. The top grade black leather tabs and our logo embossed X-back style crosspatch with gold clips add up to a more formal look. You owe it to yourself to get our exclusive narrower formal single clip series of men's suspenders designed the big & tall man and all types of social events. 

Beautiful 1 inch wide formal satin finished suspender in a light tan Champagne color

Formal 1" wide Series Champagne Light Tan in X-back style and single gold tone clips and adjuster
Qty:   an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $32.95 ea
Beautiful satin type finish made these
a great suspender for the office or night out on the town.
These suspenders have a 54" XL length option

Checkout some close-up images of these XL Champagne Tan suspenders

These suspenders have a 54" XL length optionThese Dual Clip Double-Up style light tan suspenders are great for office or casual wear when you need to make a conservative fashion statement! Top grade black leather tabs and our logo embossed on the doubled stitched Y-back style crosspatch. The Sand Dunes color in the extra long XL style is in stock now for only $ 37.95 ea. All these tan big and tall Holdup suspenders come with a 30 day full satisfaction money back guarantee.

Click to enlarge the Sand Dune color Double-Up braces
click to expand pictureclick to expand

DU-Sand Dunes
Detail page for the Sand Dunes colored Double-Up suspenders

Y-back only - Gold finished adjusters and black leather crosspatch in the longer XL version for Taller men Qty: extra long tan mens suspenders $37.95

Sand Dunes tan colored Double-Up style Holdup suspenders in a 54 inch longer length
Click on the Sand Dunes light tan Double-Up style XL suspender for close-up view

Order online Order these Double-Up suspenders for 37.95 or call 1-800-700-4515
Dual Clip Light Satin Tan Double-Up Corporate Series in 54" XL length. The below dual clip double-ups have a smooth satin type washable finish in a light tan color.


Satin finished Tan suspender great for office and wearing with dress pants

Dual Clip Double-Ups in Golden Sand Color and satin finished fabric $46.95
These suspenders have a 54" XL length option

Y-back & XL length - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips  with Y-back black leather crosspatch. 1 1/2" width.
click here to order these suspenders $46.95

DU-Golden Sand close-up view

Smart fashion with the snap of a clip”

This traditional style mirrors the look of "button on" suspenders worn since they were first invented in the 1800's. Sal Herman, the President of Holdup Suspender, worked for years to perfect these stunning braces still popular with Movie Stars -professionals -doctors -businessmen and professors. By eliminating the custom tailoring requirement to sew suspender buttons on to every pair of pants you wish to wear with suspenders ...now you can easily attach your  Double-Ups™ to your entire wardrobe of pants in a snap. The XL version above (1-1/2" wide) and the narrower 1" wide model below have 54" longer straps to fit the taller and bigger man and have a nice light tan satin sheen fabric.

Holdup Champagne Tan satin finished dual clip suspenders in 54" XL length Golden Sands color in a satin finished USA made suspender strap from Holdup Suspender Company now come in a XL 54" longer style for a $3 premium

DU-Champagne dual clip Double-Ups
in XL version
for $46.95

Y-back Black Leather Crosspatch only - Gold finished adjusters and dual black no-slip clips
click here to order these suspenders $46.95
buy over $75 and get Free freight 

Solid colors blended right into the satin finished elastic weave fabric. Only the best USA milled materials specifically chosen for durability and lasting stretch are used. All come with top grade cross patch and matching Black leather tabs that vary in size and taper front to back for comfort and fastening convenience.

Suspenders made to not trigger metal dectors are popular with frequent travelers

Holdup Suspender Company introduces a pant suspender that won't trigger airport or Extra long tan Holdup Suspender with plastic Gripper Clasp guaranteed not to trip off metal detectorsgovernment office building metal detectors. These "NO BUZZ" Tan suspenders have a special super strong composite plastic "gripper-clip". This cam operated waistband clasp actually grips the material stronger.... the harder you pull on the suspender straps. It also has a simple quick release flush mounted lever for ease of attaching/detaching them to your pants. Space Age Composite plastic gripper-clasp clamps to your pants with a simple cam lever action and won't fray or damage your pant fabric. Cam operated Clasp has only a small titanium metal pin holding it in place. The Khaki Tan model below, in the extra long XL version, sells for $24.95.  All Holdup Suspenders come with a 100% "no-questions asked" customer satisfaction guarantee.

NO BUZZ Suspenders gripper-clasp cam clasp: in Khaki TAN color.. Brown leather Crosspatch and new XL 54" longer version in  X-Back only  our part# 7503XLP

 Qty:   $24.95 ea
These suspenders have a 54" XL length option

Wear these Tan Holdup "NoBuzz" suspenders for those guys who wear the Big & Tall size with business or casual outfits.... and waltz through airport metal detectors with ease....price $24.95. Below you'll see the super-soft suspender designed to wear under your shirt in a eXta long length for the taller men needing to hide their suspenders under a shirt using our standard metal silver no-slip clips.

   XL undergarment Holdups are made for wearing under your shirt and now come in a longer 54" adjustable length for the Big & Tall man  Extra long Undergarment suspenders for the taller man which are worn under any loose fitting shirt with pants or shorts.
Patented Super-Soft Holdup suspenders made to wear under your shirt next to skin. Now shipping with the "flush webbing" velcro type strap length adjustment system

an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)Super Soft - UnderGarment Holdup Suspender with x-back styling and 4 silver clips are $24.95 ea.

 eXtra Long Holdup suspenders made to wear under your shirt... $24.95

These suspenders have a 54" XL length option
XL 54" length option with No-slip Clip in Nickel/Chrome finish
 $24.95 ea in eXtra Long length
part #6301XLS

Finally we now stock... Extra Long No--Buzz Plastic Gripper Clasp style Holdup that's non-metallic and made for Big & Tall travelers. These adjust to 54" (fits men or women well over 6' tall) and are designed not to trip metal detectors at airports. Include our exclusive Velcro Type length smooth adjustment system and 4 Patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps that holdup to years of use... Discreetly worn under your shirt with smooth lines and super soft USA made elastic straps.... $24.95 /XL model.

Plastic gripper clasp no-buzz Holdup under your shirt suspender for 24.95Super Soft - made to wear Under your shirt. These Airport Friendly Suspenders with sewn x-back styling and 4 composite plastic Patented Suspender buckles sell for $24.95 ea. Our stock # 6302XLP

 THe Harder you pull on these Gripper clasps the tighter they hold to your pants

These suspenders have a 54" XL length option
XL 54" length option with 4 Plastic GRIPPER CLASPS and velcro Type smooth line length adjustment system
  $24.95 in eXtra Long 54" length part #6302XLP

These are comfortably worn under your shirt and guaranteed not to trip off any metal detector alarms like our metal no-slip clips... X-back traditional style has 4 gripper clasps in a super soft tan fabric that won't irritate your skin and can be hand washed for years of daily wear..

XL (Extra Length) Holdup Solid Black Suspenders in 12 various style options now in stock for $3 more then standard length... CLICK HERE.

13 black Holdup Suspenders in a extra long XL 54" length for the Taller and bigger man sell for $3 more then regular length Holdups.

For all the most popular Black suspenders in normal length ... click banner below.

Holdup Suspenders has 15 styles of black suspenders for sale at great prices.
View the latest Holdup Suspender Styles at our Suspenders.com main siteNew XL extra long Holdup suspenders in 21 styles for the Big & Tall men
Extra long Big & Tall men's clip-on suspenders
Xtra Long Black Holdup pant Suspenders in 11 solid Black Style Choices

Holdup Suspenders offers a unconditional 30 day money back guaranteeUnconditional 30 day money back guarantee. You'll love these or we'll give gladly refund your money. We guarantee the exclusive no-slip clip for a limited time! Our top quality assembled in the USA suspenders will never slip - slide or fly off or fray your pants like all other brand clip-on suspenders. Holdup Suspender Company has the first suspender Patent in 112 years to back up this claim of being unique.  Major credit cards accepted and we ship worldwide by USPS priority mail at published postal rates. Buy several pair and get free freight on orders over $75 by UPS ground service, or domestic USPS priority mail. to USA destinations. See the most popular $26.95 single clip casual series solid color suspenders or you can search for other Patented Holdup suspender COLOR choices, or paper catalog category styles, from the below search bar and on left side navigation bar.

ProductSearch Holdup Suspenders for styles and colorsSearch

Type in a Holdup Suspender Color, Suspender Catalog Category name or Style preference and see all the Holdup Style choices for immediate sale in our product search engine.

Want a Holdup Suspender full color brochure call 800-700-4515 or e-mail us your address information.

Holdup suspenders come in over 200 styles for men and women
Postal mailing address and phone contact numbers for Holdup Suspender Company 

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all black airport friently suspenders on sale for 21.95 text-bottom-center.jpg (1843 bytes) Glitter and thin suspenders for girls
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