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The Patented no-slip suspender clipThe following is a listing of all the pages at Holdup Suspender's web site that can be reached by following links from our home page . Our 2 main suspender product lines are listed here with a brief summary of each series. The other pages contain information about our company or services we offer through our new web site. Enjoy your visit and we'd love your comments and feedback as we dedicate this site to you... our valued customers. This site is constantly being added too as we expand our product lines of quality men's suspenders and allow men's fashion accessory consumers to our experience or unique patented products. The no-slip- suspender clip, Dual clip Double-Ups, Sloops Blue jeans, and now our HangUp™ suspender hangers.

Announcing our newest patented suspender product -- HangUp™ suspender hangers.

Click here to learn about our patented suspender hanger and closet organizer.
The simplist way to organize your clip-on suspender collection in your closet.


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Holdup Suspenders has opened an Amazon Web shop featuring free 2nd day freight on 250 styles of suspenders when using Amazon Prime Checkout... click to shop there

Holdup Suspender Company is Providing Functional Fashion to the Suspender Industry as we expand our patented product lines....

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Our 5 Main Product lines of men's and women's clip-on suspender braces

Made in the USA and shipped worldwideAll Holdup Suspenders carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee Our single Finger Clip line of suspenders range from 21.95 to 43.95 a pair See "Holdups" unique FINGER-CLIP line of casual,dress & formal suspenders. Your Choice: X-Back or Y-Back in either Gold or Silver triple plated clip and adjuster finish. Only the finest in USA made fabrics and top grade leather tabs & crosspatches are used throughout our complete line of men's suspenders. Absolutely the best suspenders money can buy ... backed by the apparel industries' best limited time warranty! Over 1800 fine men's shops and sporting goods retailers have stocked their stores with our braces since 1997. We now offer FREE FREIGHT on all orders over $75 shipped UPS ground to USA destinations. Our secure shopping cart accepts Credit Cards, Google Checkout and PayPal payments.

Available styles in the HOLDUP "Finger Clip Line:
Choose from over 100 styles and colors of Holdup Suspenders "finger clip series"

     Thinner/Shorter Suspenders for Girls  Suspenders for Teens and girls and pattern or solids for Urban Teens

Satin finished 1.5 inch wide suspenders Solid Colors in a SATIN finish -1 1/2" wide with black leather tabs
solid color casual mens suspenders 1 1/2" wide in 13-solid colors with Top Grade brown leather tabs
1 inch wide satin finished suspenders 1"-Formal & dress suspenders in solid colors with matching leather tabs
mens designer pattern mens suspenders 1 1/2" wide in Stunning patterns with black leather tabs and crosspatch.
Suspenders with sports themed patterns Pro -Sports theme suspenders 1 3/8" wide with black leather tabs for $32.95
Basic colors in classic 1.5 inch wide suspender Basic..1 1/2" wide suspenders in X Back only and Silver clip only ..$21.95
Blended tone on tone color mens jacquard suspenders Tone on Tone complimentary colors in a beautiful Jacquard weave for $32.95 ea

The Airport friendly No Buzz suspender is guaranteed not to trigger metal detectors and have a super strong cam operated grip-clip Holdup Suspender logo is embossed in black leather crosspatch

The new "Double-Ups™" suspenders. The aesthetic look of button-on braces with the ease of clips that are so unique they're also Patented. Get that old fashion "button on" suspender look without the bother of sewing buttons on your pants! Make a Smart fashion statement with just the snap of a clip..

Click here to see an large view of the Y-Back feature on all Double-Ups    Click her to see the new Double-UPs line of designer suspenders.
The  Designer Double-Ups™ men's braces come in a variety of tasteful patterns all featuring our newly re-designed no-slip Holdup suspender clip.        

 1-1/2 inch wide satin finished suspenders with dual clips 9 Solid Colors with a fine poly-blend SATIN finish -1 1/2" wide with black leather tabs and matching Top grade leather cross patch selling for $43.95. Click here for the Double-UPs™ Corporate series
Dual clip-on traditional look suspenders in 12 colors 1 1/2" wide in 12-solid colors with Top Grade black leather tabs & cross patch. These are perfect for either casual or business wear for only $37.95. Click Here to see the Casual Series Double-UPs
Dual clip Double-UP suspenders in 1" width and satin finish Narrow 1" wide-Formal & dress suspenders in 9 solid colors with top grade black leather tabs. These are poly-blend satin finished suspenders for only $43.95. Click here for the Formal Double-UPs
Dual clip Double-Ups in tasteful designer patterns 1 1/2" wide in Stunning colorful designer patterns with tapered leather tabs and your choice of X or Y backs with either Silver or Gold plated adjusters and clasp. These sell for $43.95 .... click here for the Designer Series Double-UPs
Dual clip jacquard material in tone on tone colors 1 3/8 " wide Jacquard suspenders with 5 "tone-on-tone" distinguished looking colors. Black leather trim and new slant faced no-slip dual clips. Priced at $43.95 here to these hot selling jacquard men's suspenders.
Tuxedo silk suspenders in black or white by Holdup Suspenders Formal or business wear Silk Suspenders featuring 1 1/2" wide tubular silk tie non-elactic fabric coupled with matching Y-back elastic fabric. Choice of Black or White muted paisley pattern with dual clips and top leather trim selling for $48.95

We have a new patent pending clip used in our traditional "button-on" looking Double-Ups line with smoother edges and more angled clip cam to prevent accidental opening when sitting down on chairs and car seats. We are the world leader in suspenders on selection and service. Hardly amazing that TV Celebrities like Larry King and Dennis Miller and others wear Holdup Suspenders while at work and play.

Click here to see the new Double-UPs in 9 solid colors with a satin like finishing and dual clips.Take a look at our new Double-Ups line of distinctive men's suspenders.
The corporate series Double-UPs are 1-1/2" wide with a satin finish and dual clips.

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*** New in 2014 are these Holdup Shirt stays designed to keep your formal shirt tails taunt and eliminate the shirt billowing at your waist. Click to see details on why our shirt stays (shirt tail Stay-Down straps) are the simple way to keep dress, Tuxedo and uniform shirts tightly in place for $21.95 per 2 piece set... Perfect for Police - Military - Tuxedo - and formal events where a tightly tucked in shirt look is important.


Finally a maternity suspender worn under loose fitting blouses that keeps your pants,shirts and shorts from sagging

Holdup Suspender Company introduces patented Under-Ups a maternity suspender made to wear under a loose fitting maternity blouse.

New Maternity Suspenders now on sale for $19.95

Amazon Prime and Regular shoppers can purchase Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop.. click here and get free freightAmazon Prime and regular Shoppers.. Buy Holdup Suspenders from our new Amazon Web here for FREE Freight for all Amazon Prime or regular Members using Amazon secure checkout!

Holdup Suspenders has opened an Amazon Web shop featuring free 2nd day freight on 250 styles of suspenders when using Amazon Prime Checkout... click to shop there

Our loyal repeat loyal customers are invited to share this Holdup Suspender Story hosted at YouTube.


Our new 2x4 Jumbo Clip line of heavy duty suspenders
2 inch wide heavy duty suspenders for the Big and Tall man from Holdup Suspender Co. 2 inch wide heavy duty suspenders in 10 solid colors Outdoorsmen hunting, skiing and hiking suspenders in camoflauge patterns and bright colors 2 inch wide suspenders with various skilled trademen patterns for the working man. Heavy duty work suspenders made without elastic webbing for carrying toolbelts and tools hanging from your pants Unique Hip-Clip side mounted clipon suspenders for Truckers and workmen

       The 2x4 Jumbo Clip Line of  heavy duty suspenders all have 2" wide straps with 4 JUMBO The Outdoorsman 2x4 Jumbo series suspendersThe New 2x4 Jumbo Clip series now in stylish solid colorspatented -no slip- clips.... hence the name 2x4. Pick from 3 camouflage patterns or Ultra Bright colors for hunters, fishermen and skiers in the "Outdoorsman" series. The working man will love the rugged holding power and comfort of our "Contractor" series in your choice of 6 solid colors with Brown leather X-BACK crosspatches. We now offer the NEW "Tradesman Series in 6 skilled trades patterns for Carpenters to Mechanics. All come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and are warranteed- for life- never to slip-slide- of Fly Off your pants. Great holiday or special occasion gift idea for that special man in your life. Why not put something different into your wardrobe?

All 2x4 Jumbo Clip styles- only $ 21.95 ea.

2x4 Line or working suspenders

Click on the 4 series of wider Holdups below

Take a look at all the 2x4 Jumbo Clip series which come in solid colors and patterns.

The Holdup Tradesman series Series Electrician | Plumber | Yardstick | Painter | Mechanic | Carpenter

The 2x4 Contractors series of workman's suspendersSeries -Graphite Black |-SUN TAN | -NAVY BLUE | BLUE JEANS| -LOGGER RED | -GREENWOOD |- CHESTNUT | Old Glory |BAKERS White

 Hunting and bright Pattern suspenders for OutdoorsmenSeries Woodland -Camo| HUNTER ORANGE | SHADOW BLACK | ADVANTAGE-Camo | BREAKUP -Camo | FISH TALES

Click here for new Industrial series suspenders NON-Elastic Front webbing Red -Blue -Black


New BREAKUP camouflage suspendersAlso see Advantage hunting pattern in our exclusive Holdup 2x4 suspenders

Holdup Suspenders and mens braces

Ski-Ups™ are made to be worn with all types of snow pants or jeans for those who love their snow sports from Skiing to snowboarding. If your into skiing, and other winter snow sports, you'll really appreciate the practical Patented design of the Black Ski-Ups are made to grip the waistband of jeans and Gortex ski pants and skiers and snowboarders love them... newest line of Holdup Snow sports Suspenders called Ski-Ups™ and we have many colors in 2 width to choose from to make you stand out at the Ski Lodge and keep the snow out of your pants. Click here to view all the styles of Holdup Ski-Ups and get FREE FREIGHT on all orders place from this new Holdup Ski-Up site.

 Holdup Brand snow sports skiing suspenders with patented Gripper clasps

The top quality USA made elastic poly-blend fabric straps in 1 1/2" and 2" widths are made tol give you years of wear in the harshest outdoor environment. The unique USA designed patented "Suspender Buckle" (Gripper Clasp) has a flush mounted locking cam operated clasp that comes with a limited warranty to never slip-slide or pop-off your ski or snow pants. This composite plastic clasp safely grips harder the more you pull on them, without ever damaging the pant fabric... including smooth Gore-Tex. Falling down while skiing only makes these strong plastic clasps hold tighter during the wipe-out! No more snow or cold breeze getting down your pants when you wear a black or tan pair of adjustable length Ski-Ups on the slopes.


New XL extra long Holdup suspenders in 21 styles for the Big & Tall men
Extra long Big & Tall men's clip-on suspendersXL Holdup pant Suspenders Tan Models (10) & Black Choices (11)

Our patented "No-Slip-Clip" has many uses beyond just holding up your pants! Take a look at some additional applications that require a secure fastener like -ID Badges- Radiation and Dosimeter (noise level) recorders - Mobile MIC attachments etc. Then simply fill out the form with a new application idea for THE CLIP. If your idea results in our selling to that new market win...we win. Click here for THE CLIP page

Metro Detroit is home of the top 40 band called ANI Stunning Ani Patterson lead singer of Metro Detroit's 40 40 band called ANI ANI the band from Detroit plays at the Motor City Casino

The Band ANI - Metro Detroit's premier top 40 band - showcases the talented voice of Ani Patterson. She love's snapping on her narrow Holdup Glitter suspenders, and other narrow suspender choices for gals, and making the crowds cheer her  band and Vegas showgirl figure. Check out the Ani band photo gallery and videos or buy some Holdup skinny Glitter suspenders and mimic her style... Join Beyonce Knowles, Lindsay Lohan,and Celine Dion who also love wearing our stylish suspenders...

Singer and movie star Beyonce wearing a pair of Burgundy Holdup Slinny suspenders while out shopping.

Ani Patterson of the band called ANI belts out a song at Metro Detroit Motor City Casino

Wear these shimmering and Glittering Holdup skinny suspenders with Jeans -pants -shorts -Skirts, They're also a great attention getting addition to any Dance costume outfits and quickly became a must have fashion accessory by some famous Hollywood movie stars. Who said suspenders were Old Fashion? Get a Hot New Look at a bargain price in the Urban Youth extra skinny suspender straps sell now for only $17.95. We now are stocking these skinny thin 1/2 inch wide suspender strap ($17.95)  in 10 colors.. click here for detail page on these Hip-Hop, trendy fashion accessories.

Clikc here for the 1/2 inch wide skinny Holdup suspender styles sold for 18.95

Click here to buy the narrower 1/2" wide SKINNY Suspender Straps for $17.95

Patented dual clip Double-Up Holdup suspender in blue denim color for $35 Click to see the details of the Merlot wine color dual clip Double-Ups suspenders for $37.95 No-Buzz air port frientdly suspenders made to wear under your shirt
Blue Denim Double-Up $37.95/pair Merlot Burgundy Double-Up $37.95 Undergarment No-buzz gripper clasp (Suspender Buckle) suspenders


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