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What do our customer have to say about Us??

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Unsolicited testimonials from satisfied customers!!

"Your design clearly shows how and why they do work. I'm very happy with the pair I have and wouldn't trade them for a bushel basket of the other styles."

William Menold, Dunlap, IL

"They are 'First Class" all the way - a #11 out of a possible 10."

James A. Holding, Chehalis, WA

"They do what you want them to do. They work for you."

Forrest Ringhauser, Jerseyville, IL

"Superior design and quality all around. I have owned many suspenders and experimented with them. Hold-Ups are a dream come true!"

Barry L. Stackhouse, Elizabethtown, PA

"I am very pleased with the 2 pair of suspenders I have purchased. The no-slip is great! The suspenders stay on my suit as well as heavy work pants. I would strongly recommend the purchase of these suspenders. Keep up the good work!"

Dave Hammaker, Martinsburg, PA

"Long time coming! It's time we have a dependable suspender!!! Definitely . . . are reasonably priced for what they do for you. Keep up the great work."

Okey Mullins, Madison Heights, MI

"The concept that they would not slip from pants . . . so far they have been a pleasant surprise . . . they fit a larger man so well no matter how I bend."

Gerald R. Hand, Utica, MI

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"I got tired of fastening (my husband's) suspenders on the back. I'm glad someone came up with a suspender that would stay snapped and still look good!"

Donna Larson, Circle, MT

"I think this is one of the finest new products to hit the American market. You finally get exactly what the ad says, and much more. I am well satisfied. Even though at the time I thought the price was too high, I have changed my mind, they are worth every penny."

Marshall L. Moore, Petersburg, VA

"They stay put --- even on a 280# 'critter.'"

R.E. Hicks, Wieppe, ID

"You said they worked. I purchased them, they worked! Enough said!"

Gary C. Krill, Raleigh, N.C.

"Experience with other suspenders had become an exercise in futility and frustration. They 'Hold" and are very attractive. This is the best thing to come along since sliced bread and the safety razor . . . Cannot praise them enough. You have a definite winner."

John F. Pearsall, Livingston, TX

"They are the perfect width, they go with anything my husband wears. My husband loves his so much, that I wanted to try them and he flatly refused. My suggestion to him . . . 'BUY ME A PAIR'!!! They really are great."

Maggie Saccato, Grover Beach, CA


"They're the Cadillac of suspenders, so well designed . . . have no suggestions to improve them. Just add some more colors so I have an excuse to buy more."

S. Wayne Heinzman, Phillips, NE

"Anyone who had worn suspenders for any length of time will see your solid idea as the perfect answer to annoying buttons and failure-prone clips. Once they buy your Hold-ups they will be amazed at the quality."

Dennis Gannon, Pittsburgh, PA

"Hold-Up suspenders are the best. They over shadow all the rest, But one thing to remember too - they make great gifts for a friend or two!"Give a Holdup gift certificate to someone special
Herbert Willard, Stockton, CA

"They are palpably superior to other suspenders and they perform as advertised - a rare commodity these days! . . . yours is an old fashioned product with no built-in obsolescence."

John Ward, Bellerose, NY

"I have tried every make and style of suspenders on the market. Until now NONE of them have worked . . . for more than a day or two at most. I am completely satisfied and happy to have found suspenders that not only look good -- but hold up all of my pants and blue jeans. Your products is definitely a real winner."

Ken Klepach, Seattle, WA

"Hold-Up suspenders are all a wearer needs, wants and expects from a good product. I hope to gradually build up my collection of Hold-Ups and get rid of all the others I have of inferior quality."

Marvin G. Klemz, Buffalo, MN

"My daughter bought these suspenders for me for my birthday. I told her that all suspenders were the same, but she disagreed. She proved to be right. These are the best!! Way to go . . ."

Jim Palm, Spring, TX

* Copies of originals available upon request. We'd love to post your comments.


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