The Patented HangUP suspender hanger from Holdup Suspender Company.
Looking for a simple way to organize and hang up your suspender collection?
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Looking for a practical way to HangUp™  your suspenders cluttering your closet? Holdup Suspender Company has just patented the ultimate suspender hanger available for immediate sale from our online storefront.

General Information on the HangUp suspender hanger from Holdup Suspender Company
organize your suspender collection with the HangUp suspender hanger mens suspender products
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  Holdup Suspender Company presents the HangUp™ suspender hanger to cure the common problem of organizing your clip-on suspender collection!

Holdup Suspender company introduces the HangUp suspender closet hanger.
Easily organize and display your suspender collection with the HangUp hanger.

Sal Herman, the President and founder of Holdup Suspender Company, loves inventing innovative products around his fashion passion... mens' suspenders. Loyal customers for years have asked himClick to see how your suspenders easily clip onto hangUp bar when He'll come up with a practical way to eliminate their closet clutter of suspenders. He was a victim too, as suspenders are a part of his daily wardrobe. The above photo shows off some of his Holdup Suspender collection showcasing the practical simplicity of his newly Patented HangUp™ suspender hanger.

Notice how the top grade wood & brass hanger has a special curved bar that automatically centers each suspender for easily picking just the right one for today's outfit. Ocassionally its a business suit, but normally Sal prefers clipping on a pair of his patented Holdups to his ultra comfortable patented Sloops™ blue jeans. Casual attire is the norm at the family run Holdup Suspender Company. The solid brass swivel hook, on top of the hardwood base, just loops over any closet clothes hanger bar or on top of the closet door. Our registered logos are silk screened onto each HangUp suspender organizer.

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HangUp™ suspender hanger in hardwood & brass for $13.95 ea.


Your HangUp order will be shipped within 2 business days along with any other Holdup Suspender Company product purchased during this shopping session. You can always view your secure shopping cart and adjust quantities, add or subtract items before final checkout. All major credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted.

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Holdup Suspenders offers a unconditional 30 day money back guaranteeUnconditional 30 day money back guarantee. You'll love these HangUp suspender hangers or we'll give gladly refund your money.  Major credit cards, Google Checkout, and PayPal are all accepted during the secure checkout process. Add several pair of Holdup suspenders, or a pair of Sloops jeans, to your HangUp order as we offer FREE UPS ground freight to USA destinations on orders over $75.00. Our secure shopping cart is shared by all Holdup Suspender sites and you can view your product selections anytime during the entire shopping process. Overseas shipping is available using the US Post Office priority mail at published rates, plus a small insurance, delivery receipt and handling charge. 

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"Double-Ups™" the ultimate clip-on suspender. Beautifully crafted and so comfortable you'll never want to take them off. Be the first to show off a pair at work or play! Any order over $75.00 will show free freight when shipped to USA addresses by UPS ground service, or domestic USPS priority mail. upon checkout.

Take a closeup look at our Double-UPs Collage pattern suspenders   Click here to see an overview of all 4 styles of Double-Ups suspenders   Large view of our Double-Ups American Flag Suspenders

This traditional style mirrors the look of "button on" suspenders worn since they were first invented. Sal Herman, the President of Holdup Suspender, worked for years to perfect these stunning braces very popular with TVDouble-up legal braces are made in the USA from top quality materials and carry a 30 day money back guarantee. anchormen -actors -doctors -businessmen -students and professors. By eliminating the custom tailoring requirement to sew suspender buttons on to every pair of pants you wish to wear with suspenders you can easily attach your   Double-Ups™ to your entire wardrobe of pants in a snap. Get the aesthetic look of "Old Style button-on" braces with the convenience and ease of our no-slip clips. These are just as great with blue jeans or dress pants for both a casual or dressy look.

The poly-blend fiber used in this series of Holdup Suspenders has either a nice flat finish or Satin sheen, while offering stain resistant properties. These make more than a conservative fashion statement at the office or out on a date! Pick out several pair in your favorite colors, which all have top grade black leather tabs and our logo embossed on the doubled stitched crosspatch. Great as a birthday, Fathers day or special occasion gift.  All materials are carefully chosen for elastic durability with a fine weave and color fast dyes. If you need a pair of suspenders that perform year after year.. then we'd always suggest a pair of Holdup Suspenders for you or a friend. Double-UPs are priced from $37.95 to $43.95 in a variety of colors and patterns. Holdup is proud of our no hassles- no questions 30 day money back guarantee.

“Smart fashion with the snap of a clip” ..... nothing else is needed! Regardless of whether your wearing jeans, casual slacks or a business suit, you'll get noticed when wearing a pair of Holdup Suspenders. If for no other reason than comfort, you owe yourself a fashion make-over with just the snap of a clip.

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Holdup Sheet straps and mattress suspenders called Stay-Downs sell for only 21.95 in 2 sizes.
New Sheet straps and Mattress suspenders that really Holdup to daily use...

Our single clip Casual, Formal, Designer pattern and 2" wide heavy duty suspender lines are priced from 21.95. Browse our site, add products to your secure shopping cart, or bookmark any page when you discover the perfect gift for that special man in your life.

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The P{atented no-slip suspender clip

Holdup Suspenders are so unique... they're patented

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